Overview of WE-PDF Flatwire Inductors for Low Wire Losses

This blog post will provide an overview of the Wurth Electronics Midcom WE-PDF flatwire inductor.

The WE-PDF Flatwire Inductor

Wurth Electronics Midcom has recently released the WE-PDF series of high-performance flatwire inductors. It is available in two different sizes: 10mm x 10mm x 4mm and 10mm x 10mm x 6mm.

The WE-PDF consists of a ferrite material that has significantly lower core losses than iron powder inductors and is mainly used in high-current inductor designs. The WE-PDF series is optimized for power supplies running high switching frequencies. In particular, by using a flatwire construction, the frequency dependent resistance of the wire is significantly lower than using a roundwire.

Due to the focus on high performance partial components for the design, the WE-PDF series has been released for an extended temperature range up to 150°C.

Electrical Characteristics of WE-PDF

The WE-PDF series is suitable for applications with switching frequencies up to 10MHz, such as the new generation of high-frequency switching regulators.

Other electrical characteristics include:

  • Size: 10.2mm x 10.2mm
  • Low profile: 6.4mm
  • Operating temperature: up to 150°C
  • L-value: 0.22µH - 30µH
  • High IRMS: up to 10.3A
  • High ISAT: up to 30A
  • Low DCR: 6.2mΩ - 43mΩ

To learn more about high-current inductors with flatwire technology, check out the WE-PDF series available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. To watch the entire training video, visit our company page on DigiKey.com.

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