Visionary Systems

Visionary camera systems based on high-performance and reliable printed circuit boards from Würth Elektronik

The demands placed on vision systems are constantly increasing – be it higher frame rates, greater col-our depth for more accurate details, or fast transmission and processing of ever-increasing data vol-umes. To meet these demands, not only is the further advancement of transmission standards playing its part, but also powerful, flex-rigid circuit board solutions from Würth Elektronik.

Advantages of flex-rigid circuit boards in camera systems

Smaller devices thanks to integrated connection foils in flex-rigid

  • Possibility of folding
  • Saves surfaces for plugs or connection elements
  • Reduction of weight

High data transfer rates with good signal integrity

  • Elimination of impedance discontinuities on plugs, cables and solder joints
  • Reference layers thanks to multi-layer flexible connections
  • Flexible material polyimide is favourable for high data rates

Optimisation of test and assembly

  • Simple testing before device assembly
  • High test coverage, all components and test points are accessible
  • The entire flex-rigid system can be tested at once
  • In case of an error, extensive disassembly and re-assembly of the device are dispensed with
  • Easy assembly of the tested unit

Robust solutions for harsh environmental conditions

  • Fewer contacts
  • Wiring faults are eliminated
  • Shock- and vibration-proof thanks to lower mass and integrated connection foils

Cost reduction over the entire system

  • Elimination of expensive connecting elements (e.g. shielded or high-frequency cables)
  • Reduction of assembly and test processes
  • Reduced logistics work

You will not only benefit from our products and solutions, but also from the comprehensive services we offer for printed circuit boards:

  • Many years of profound experience with flex-rigid circuit boards for camera systems
  • Personal, project-specific consultation, technical support and optimisation of the design by our technical project management team
  • From individual prototypes to series production – also available as an express service
  • Tailor-made logistics solutions


As the leading flex-rigid specialist, we have many years of experience in printed circuit boards for cam-era systems. Selected examples can be found here:

Smart camera for commercial image pro-cessing

  • Flex-rigid 3Ri-2F-3Ri + HDI 1-6-1
  • Impedance-defined design
  • Flex-rigid combination with microvias
  • Modular design for customer-specific options
  • Optimum form factor for the best deliv-ery panel design
    and optimum price
  • Camera with USB3 vision-interface:
    • High-resolution sensors
    • High data rate of 420 MB per second
    • High miniaturisation

Scientific high-performance camera

  • Flex-rigid 4Ri-4F-4Ri
  • Impedance-defined design
  • Sensor works under vacuum
  • Advantage compared to rigid circuit boards with plugs:
    • Lower overall costs, which con-tinues to decrease with the con-tinuation of the series
    • Perfect signal integrity
    • Simplified testing
    • Massive reduction of the housing
    • Noticeable increase in device performance

Precise forward camera for driver-assistance systems (ADAS)

  • Flex-rigid 2Ri-2F-2Ri + HDI 1-4-1
  • Flex-rigid combination with microvias
  • Special delivery panel design from Würth Elektronik for stability during assembly
  • Heat dissipation via the housing
  • Advantages:
    • Footprint of a typical rain/light sensor
    • Shock- and vibration-resistant design

Robust camera and vision systems for harsh environmental conditions

  • Flex-rigid 4Ri-2F-4Ri + HDI 2-6(8b)-2
  • Impedance-defined design
  • Through-holes only for leaded compo-nents and for fastening
  • Vias in completely staggered design as a combination
    of microvia / buried via
  • Microvias in solder pads (copper filling ratio >80%)
  • Overall system overcomes environmental conditions without problems:
    • Cyclical temperature stresses
    • Shock and vibration stresses
    • High humidity

We are happy to assist you!

Do you have any questions about our flex-rigid circuit boards for camera systems? Our colleagues of the technical project management team are happy to advise and support you. Together with you, our specialists will find the optimal solution for your vision project

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