Impact to the supply chains due to the Ukraine conflict

28 February 2022

Dear Customers,

In the last few days, we have received frightening news from Ukraine. We would like to express our deep dismay and our thoughts are with the people affected, who now have to experience much fear and suffering.

Such a conflict always has an impact on economic activity. I can assure you that the company Würth Elektronik - Circuit Board Technology - has no direct suppliers in Ukraine, as well as from Russia in our portfolio. Nevertheless, we have checked with our main suppliers to what extent their supply chains and suppliers, as well as their transport routes are affected by the regions.

In the context of the Ukraine conflict, we do not see any negative impact in our supply chains at this point in time.

We remain attentive and are in close contact with our suppliers, so that we can inform you of any short-term changes in this situation. Secondary effects, such as cost increases (e.g. energy and operating materials) are not yet calculable and foreseeable today.

Best regards,

Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
Circuit Board Technology

Thomas Beck
Managing Director