Crew members report

Today: Maharshi Kiyada, Intern in the US

The Training

I got excellent support and introduction from Wurth Electronics Germany before going to US. The company took care of the contract and related things. I was also invited to Walden­burg, Germany for one week before going to US. This one week was for an international introduction program, whereby I was given a detailed introduction of the company & its various subsidiaries.

The Company

I found that people in the company were welcoming & friendly. At the same time they were highly knowledgeable and expe­rienced in there own fields. I found the company very lean and agile which is really rare for such a big organization. The most fascinating aspect of the company is its flat structure and thus each and every person is approachable. Company truly stands up to “More than you expect” tag line in every aspect.

Daily Tasks

I would take up a process and would follow the process, and during going through the process I would interview the people involved in the process and also would make notes of their insights. After doing all this I would make a process flow chart and discuss the improvements potential with group of people involved.


While I was in Watertown I got a detailed training on TANAKA machine, too. These machines are used in mass manufacturing of transformers.

Living in Watertown

During my internship I stayed in at a Dorm apartment right in the center of Watertown that I could easily access all the stores downtown. In my free time I went for some bicycle rides, tried out fishing on the lake (first time in my life), played many board games with friends and traveled to nearby cities on weekends like Fargo, Sioux Falls etc. During holidays I took trips to New York City, Grand Canyon & Mount Rushmore.

My highlight

The highlight of my internship was to experience the USA culture. Specially South Dakota which has a distinct character in its culture. I went to other states like New York and Arizona during my stay and one can easily make out the culture at those places was indeed different and distinct.