Short-term internships for high school students

Catch the sea breeze

Before embarking on your personal career sailing trip it is very important to check out the job itself. There is nothing better than one of our short-term (1 week) internships. You can chose among different types of mini-placements depending on your interests and talents. Technical or commercial internship, they all have one thing in common - lots of hands-on experience!

Come aboard and tour the harbor

Before deciding on an apprenticeship or a study course, you naturally like to know what you are getting involved in. That is why we try to get in touch with you early on and support a rising number of school partnerships.

You will also be able to meet our dedicated Würth Elektronik crew at vocational training fairs, job fairs and other events. We give objective and extensive information on what to expect if you join our crew. You can also find us in the local and nationwide media or simply check out our website for further information.

If you are interested in an internship, please submit your application
(letter of motivation & CV) here.