Our Philosophy

1. Keep on course!

“Keeping on course involves taking a clear line, but also correcting it if necessary – because reaching one’s destination is more important than sticking stubbornly to the original course.”

2. Thoughtfulness required!

“If you like to gaze at the horizon, deep in thought – then think on. A few dreams can also be most constructive. But of course in the end they should bring something for all concerned!”

3. All hands on deck!

“We all join in to give help whenever it is needed – fast, directly and without any fuss. Rigid structures are real stumbling blocks. Mobility and spontaneity are the order of the day.”

4. Help comes first – no question.

“Mutual support given without question, whenever it is needed – this is simply a part of life at Würth Elektronik. And we’re proud of it. Making time for other people is genuinely important to us. No excuses accepted.”

5. Try it out – don’t sit it out.

“As people say, actions speak louder than words. And there’s a lot of truth in that. Some experience simply has to be gained by getting up from your desk – and some problems can only be solved by taking a roundabout route.”

6. Who’s afraid of high adventure?

“For us, challenges are not a threat but an opportunity to discover something new. We combine a thirst for adventure with the spirit of discovery, we explore things in depth.”

7. New in the crew!

“We are international, we grow and change every day, somewhere in the world. Yet we are vigilant on behalf of each individual. No-one goes under, no-one is neglected.”