Diversity at Würth Elektronik

Here at Würth Elektronik, we consciously live an open, friendly, and mutually respectful corporate culture. Spread throughout the world, we’re a large crew of special, unique people and personalities. We regard our differences in terms of gender, age, origin, inclusion, worldview, religion, or sexual orientation as enriching. It’s precisely our multitude of qualities, capabilities, and entirely personal experiences that we bring into our day-to-day work that enable us to make such an enormous contribution for our company – and ultimately for our own personal benefit too.

One important step towards our awareness of the issue of diversity and the open appreciation of the variety of each and every one of us was the signature of the Diversity Charta in 2015. And we took another major step towards our goal in 2018: diversity can’t be carried forward by just a few people alone, but only by all of us pulling together on the same rope. This is why we directed a special appeal to all our employees to launch a large-scale project under the motto “Diversity”. Our message: no matter how small our interactions with one another in our day-to-day routine, each and every one of us contributes to diversity – even if it’s just to point out a minor detail that goes unnoticed by many others. Meanwhile, employees have come up with a number of initiatives on various issues within the project.

“The great gain in the “Diversity” project lies in the variety of nationalities, genders, religions, and attitudes, paired with international cooperation at the team level. With this project, we all profit from a wealth of mutual appreciation and the broad spread of points of view, factors that ultimately make the efforts of our teams even more successful. In my department, the principle of diversity is very much alive and enables us to achieve excellent work results.”

- Quote Dirk Knorr, CEO Würth Elektronik eiSos