All hands on deck – no matter where you come from!

At Würth Elektronik, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, but rather who you are!

The Würth Elektronik ship sails on all seven seas, and the crew on board come from many countries all over the world. This strengthens our corporate culture in many different ways and is a key factor of our success.

Strong international cooperation – with numerous examples:

Our country managers set the example – think globally and act locally! All over the world, our top management is intricately networked, and we know and appreciate one another unconditionally. Once a year we meet up to exchange ideas and opinions, to discover what we have in common and to experience differences as an enrichment, using the results to help develop our plans for the future. This form of cooperation creates the basis for mutual trust, and we remain in close contact throughout the entire year.

Even early on in their training programs, our young talents are already given the opportunity to visit one of the many international Würth Elektronik sites and forge contacts with the local employees there, giving them insights into other cultures and customs.

Another special example takes the form of our international cuisine events: on these culinary evenings, the employees meet to cook specialities for their colleagues, giving them an opportunity to meet people from other countries and exchange knowledge on each other’s culture.

All flags on deck!

In 2020, Würth Elektronik took part in the German Diversity Day of the Diversity Charta the second time, under the motto “Würth Elektronik flies the flag” – employees all over the world were invited to post photos of themselves and their national flag. The result: wonderfully colourful collages that showed us once again just how many nations are represented in the Würth Elektronik organization.