WE lead together!

It’s the human being, the person, who’s at the centre of our company – independent of gender and sexual identity. That is why our vision is:

Employees of all genders work together at all management levels to lead Würth Elektronik to a successful future.

There are today already a number of workgroups from all corporate sectors working together to realize this vision. Many ideas are already being implemented and the Executive Board is setting clear signposts to drive this trend forward.

At the outset, our focus initially lay on the aspect of gender. Since our motto is “WoMen – WE lead together”, we put our heads together in mixed teams to come up with new ideas. And so today we’ve got a whole range of different workgroups with just as broad a spectrum of issues, such as balancing family life and career, mentoring, career planning, role stereotypes, all the way to role models.

We are proud that we already have so many women among our employees, but that’s not enough for us. We want to install diverse teams at all technical and managerial levels.

For us, the topic is an absolute “must” – not only from the aspect of equal opportunities and social responsibility, but especially since for us it represents a very special benefit for our company. We are fully aware that mixed teams – especially in the decision-making functions – make us more innovative and successful.

“Having leadership positions occupied equally by men and women is not just a matter of justice and fairness, but also a question of the future sustainability of a modern company such as ours. Harnessing the variety of experiences and working together to overcome the challenges of the future – these are the things that have made us strong. This is why I will continue to rely on the diversity in our teams to make the best use of the resources of our people.”

- Quote Thomas Schrott, CEO Würth Elektronik eiSos Group