Information meetings for future parents

We advise and actively support colleagues

A lot of challenges lie ahead for expectant parents as well as a number of possibilities in terms of balancing work and family. That’s why for us it is completely natural to support the future mother and also the future dad.

Whether it is about deadlines, legal framework conditions, paperwork or parental leave and parental allowance options – colleagues from our Human Resources department provide individual advice in personal conversations on issues that are important both before and after the birth.

Information meeting on maternity leave or parental leave

Christin, team leader at the Waldenburg site

“I greatly appreciate the support and I think it is great that something like this is offered at Würth Elektronik. I have planned to stay at home for 24 months parental leave with my second child and then start work again after 12 months, working part-time at 75% of my normal hours.” Her manager, Markus, supports Christin with the planning.