Parental leave and flexible options for returning to work

As an employer it is important to us that the family start out together in this new stage in life and can enjoy the initial exciting period.
That’s why we try, together with mum and dad, to find the best possible arrangement for parental leave.

Of course we provide the same support for our brand new parents in their working life so that professional life is perfectly integrated into everyday family life.

Some colleagues tell their stories:

Jennifer, commercial clerk at the Waldenburg site

Jennifer applied for two years of parental leave and would like to return to work part-time after 1.5 years. “Being a mum is a new job which is also a lot of fun. Parental leave together with my husband was/is especially unique. I will start working again part-time during my parental leave in order to continue to be able to spend time with my son.”

Christopher, team leader at the Waldenburg site

Christopher had two months of parental leave, split into four week periods, one period straight after the birth and one in the 14th month and really enjoyed this time: “It was great! The three of us i.e. my wife, my son John Frederik and I had two weeks together and did a lot­, which wouldn’t have been possible if I had been at work.

For example we went to the open air swimming pool on workdays, visited friends with our son and did a lot of other things out and about.

Then for two weeks I was completely on my own with him during the day as my wife started working again at 60% of her normal hours.

I think our father-child relationship has become much closer because of this and John shows me this almost daily, for example now he asks for me, but previously he always wanted Mummy to take him to bed instead.”

Markus, team leader of manufacturing at the Niedernhall site

Markus planned to take two months of parental leave and work part-time at the same time: “It is really important for me that I am still on-site for my team as a point of contact even during parental leave. And I can continue to accompany and support the introduction of new production processes and procedures and stay informed. That is a great solution for both sides.”