SKEDD Direct Plug-In Technology

SKEDD technology is a connection technology in which connectors and components can be connected and disconnected directly to a printed circuit board without tools. Thus, SKEDD offers a simple and reliable alternative to other PCB connection technologies.

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Business Models

Customer specific connector systems

We develop individual solution concepts for your PCB connection.

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Standard products

Here you will find our current SKEDD technology solutions.

Technology partnerships

Our SKEDD technology partners offer a wide range of products and solutions based on SKEDD technology.

SKEDD in practical use

An innovation can only be justified if there is a place for its benefits in the market. In particular at the start of the development of a product or technology, when there are still many questions unanswered, the views and experiences of early testers and customers are of great help.

We ask our customers: what experiences have you had with the new SKEDD technology?

S-TEC electronics AG

“We have collaborated with Würth Elektronik ICS to develop SKEDD technology for connections of printed circuit boards with LED’s. In practical terms the outstanding features are the minimal height, the slender dimensions, the high current-carrying capacity and the solderless connection. We use the technology to connect LED strips together without causing irritating shadows. It has already proved its worth in the lighting products of eigerLight.”

(René F. Oberhänsli, director and technical manager, S-TEC electronics AG)

Microgate S.r.l.

For Microgate, developing and manufacturing the SKEDD spring contact together with Würth Elektronik ICS was of great benefit. The extremely short response times by Würth Elektronik allowed us to produce, on schedule, a testable capacitive sensor module for controlling the adaptive mirrors of the new generation of extremely large telescopes (ELTs).”

(Gerald Angerer, development and project manager, Microgate S.r.l.)

Getriebebau NORD

Würth Elektronik ICS has created an optimal connecting solution for Getriebebau NORD – one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology – using SKEDD technology, and thus granted the company valuable freedom in component design.

Further Information

SKEDD – the new way to connect