Long-term stability in the test

The facts speak for themselves

In another test, a board made by Würth Elektronik ICS with 20 power elements was subject to an extreme toughness test. The test was designed to simulate the aging of the component group over the course of several years. The assembly went through the following test program:

  • 156 temperature cycles (from -30°C to +105°C) at 1 hour per cycle
  • 728 hours of the component group stored in a damp environment at 85°C
  • an additional 335 temperature cycles (from -30°C to +105°C) at 1 hour per cycle
  • another 1,500 temperature cycles (this time from -40°C to +125°C) at 1 hour per cycle

During the entire test program, a constant electrical current of 65A was fed to the assembly and the drop in voltage was measured every 15 minutes at the power supply elements.

An increased drop in voltage was a signal for degradation in the press-fit connections because it indicates a rise in contact resistance.

The following results were achieved:

  • Press-fit connections demonstrated extreme stability under the impact of temperature and humidity.
  • Demands required by the standards were greatly exceeded
  • The durability demands of 20 years showed no problems at all for the assemblies in press-fit technology