Solid Press-Fit Technology

Press-Fit Technology is one of the core competences of Würth Elektronik ICS

It is an important key success factor for the company. It has excellent characteristics by comparison with traditional connecting solutions and technologies such as wiring harness or soldering technologies.

Cleverly joined instead of elaborately wired up

A wiring harness in a car‘s electrical system is a favorable solution that is widely used. However, it is increasingly being replaced by circuit board based solutions due to high installation and maintenance costs. Due to the layout of the cable harness on the circuit board, there is a clear and reliable solution with many advantages:

  • Up to 30% reduction in the cable harness
  • Up to 50% reduction in the cable harness cross section
  • Installation of power and signal without an elaborate separation of potentials
  • Possibility of modular design with numerous interchangeable options
  • Wiring errors disappear
  • Installation costs reduction (up to 80%)
  • Reduction in interfaces
  • Weight and space savings

Stable connection using press-fit technology

Press-fit and soldering technologies represent two basic forms of connection for circuit board based systems. Because of its excellent mechanical and electrical properties, press-fit technology is being adopted increasingly for use in the automotive sector. By comparison with soldering technology, it allows:

  • Simple processing of very thick (high-current) circuit boards with a large amount of copper
  • Compact design of modules and reduction of the amount of space needed by installing components on both sides of the circuit board
  • Thermally superior behavior with high currents due to the markedly lower transition resistance between pin and circuit board
  • Extremely stable and robust mechanical connection due to the cold welding of the press-fit pin and the circuit board
  • High corrosion resistance of the pin due to the gas-tight enclosure at the contact zones