Environmental management

For Würth Elektronik ICS people and environment take centre stage

So our ambition is to accommodate production with environmentalism. For this purpose we have developed a suitable environmental management system to improve environmental protection in our company self dependent and continuously.

The environmental management system of Würth Elektronik ICS was awarded with the environmental certificate ISO 14001:2015.

Certificate 14001:2015

This standard defines worldwide requirements for an environmental management system:

  • Definition and Implementation of targets and measures for the environmental policy of the company  
  • Continuous control and supervision of all processes for their compatibility with the environmental goals  
  • Optimization of the processes regarding the environmental policy of the company 

Advantages for you and us:

  • Savings potential through reduction, conservative use and recycling of resources  
  • Effective production processes  
  • Avoidance of retrospective measures to eliminate negative environmental impacts  
  • Reduction in environmental risks  
  • Improvement in the environmental performance and environmental quality of our products