ICCS 88P CAN Controller

ICCS 88P CAN Controllers are graphically programmable control units for mobile applications.

The 16 bit processor (HCS12XEQ) with an integrated co-processor has enough computing power to handle complex tasks. To control many loads with low power, the 88P module features 28 low side outputs. Digital information, analogue voltages, currents and signal frequencies can be detected and processed. The 88P module provides 4 PWM outputs to drive proportional valves, which could also be used as digital outputs.

As our other controllers you can program these controllers graphically for the mobile applications and use them as an extension to the existing CAN bus network. Use is possible as a standalone solution or for mounting on the circuit boards.

Application Examples

  • Connection of binary and analogue sensors via the CAN bus
  • Input and output extensions for CAN bus systems
  • Control unit for central electrical distribution
  • Monitoring of fuses and switching of relays
Technical Data
General Information
Housing Transparent
Connector 4 x Molex Mini Fit 22 Ways
Dimensions 77 x 167 mm
Weight ~ 235 g
Operating temperature -40 °C to 85 °C (no full load at 85 °C)
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Ingress protection IP 54
Operating voltage Vsupply 9 to 30 V DC Vsupply
Pre-fusing 10 A (HSD outputs)
Current consumption 50 mA
Sleep mode consumption < 1 mA
Processor type Freescale HCS12 XEQ
Click frequency 100 MHz
Flash memory 384 kB
RAM 24 kB
EEPROM 1 kB available for graphical programming
CAN Bus Interfaces
Acc. ISO 11898-2 High speed
Acc. CAN 2.0 B 29 Bits extended address identifier
Acc. CAN 2.0 A 11 Bits address identifier
Baud rate 20 kBit/s to 1 mBit/s
(125 kBits/s default value)
Inputs / Outputs
Available inputs/ outputs
12 Analogue inputs 0-11.4 V DC, 12 Bit
23 Digital inputs Switch on / Switch off level: 0.85 / 0.55 x Vsupply
4 Coding inputs High or low acitve selectable
8 Digital inputs or PWM inputs PWM inputs: up to 5 kHz
2 Wake up input 1 x high active / 1 x low active
1 Wake up output Low active 300 mA
27 Digital Low side outputs 300 mA max each
4 Digital or PWM High side outputs max 2 A (Digital) / 1 A (PWM mode)
current messurement
Inputs / outputs details
Analogue inputs
Input voltage max Vsupply
Meassuring range 0-11.4 V DC
Resolution 12 Bit
Input resistance 22.6 kΩ
Digital inputs
Input voltage max 0 V DC to Vsupply
Switch on level 0.85 Vsupply
Switch off level 0.55 Vsupply
Eingangswiderstand 59.8 kΩ
Digital outputs Highside
Load current max 2 A Current measurement for regulation
Coding inputs Low active
Input resistance 112.6 kΩ
Pull-up resistance 2 kΩ (swichable)
PWM inputs  
Input resistance 100 kΩ
Pull-up resistance 2 kΩ (switchable)
Input frequency up to 5 kHz
Digital outputs Low side (switch to GND)
Load current max 0.3 A
PWM outputs
PWM frequency max 1 kHz
Duty cycle 0 to 100%
Resolution 0.1 %
Load current max 1 A


Mating connector Part number WE eiSos
Housing: Female Dual Row Plug WR-MPC4 649 022 113 322
Crimp contact: WR-MCP4, AWG 16 (1.31 mm²) 649 005 137 22
Crimp contact: WR-MCP4, AWG 24-18 (0.2 to 0.82 mm²) 649 006 137 22
Crimp contact: WR-MCP4, AWG 28-22 (0.08 to 0.33 mm²) 649 007 137 22
For 100 pieces packages, please add "DEC" at the end of the reference.


Programming the ICCS 88P CAN Controller is carried out using ICCS SDK Plus software.

In the development phase, we support you in the creation of programs.

If you prefer to create your parameters or create programs by yourself try our software development kit ICCS SDK Plus which you can borrow for three month free of charge.

Order information
Available references Part numberWE ICS
ICCS 88P CAN Controller (unprogrammed) ICS-100635