Save yourself laborious THT processes in assemblies by using board-to-board connectors in SKEDD technology: These can be connected by hand from either side to join PCBs.

With the help of SKEDD technology:

  • You simplify and optimise processes
  • You create new possibilities in the design of electronic assemblies
  • You can save a connection level with reversible connections and conventional systems: Press-fit or solder technology on the opposite side from SKEDD can allow the connector to be fixed at a point and thus the reversible point to be defined.

With SKEDD you also realise diverse variants of board-to-board connectors, which can be designed-in dependent on the requirements and the conceptual design of the module:

  • Contacting SKEDD to THT solder pins
  • Contacting SKEDD to SMD solder pads
  • Contacting SKEDD to press-fit technology pins
  • Contacting SKEDD to SKEDD (e.g. SKV connector)

Our experts are available to inform you about the possibilities offered by SKEDD technology. Please contact us.

Board-to-Board connectors in SKEDD technology in use


A horizontal connection between two PCBs

Further Information

44+4 SKEDD-Pressfit Pin Strip

PCB connector version converting press-fit to SKEDD

90° Angled Connector

74-pin 90° SKEDD/THT angled connector