REDline Central Electrical Unit

Standard Design for Special Vehicles

The REDline Central Electrical Unit is based on a modular concept. The heart of it is a basic module, the “Traffic Regulation Module (TRM).” This is supplemented by a number of additional modules that can be combined with one another as desired. In this way an individual system module can be made up from several standard products.

The numerous advantages speak for themselves:

  • Plug & Play installation
  • Assemblies made up of standard products allow individual solutions for your vehicle‘s electrical system
  • Small size allows installation even when space is restricted
  • High reliability and a long life
  • Quick delivery
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Suitable for extension of existing central electrical systems

Traffic Regulation Module

- an all-round basic module


16-0 Module

- a module for more function protection


12-1 Module

- a module for additional functions


9-2 Module

- a module for more flexibility


8F-6R Module

- a module for even more additional functions and flexibility


2MF-2PR Module

- a module for high power applications


Power Logic Module

- a module for logical functions


0F-12μR Module

- a module for maximum flexibility in relay connection