0F-12μR Module

Dimensions: 102x131x34 mm
Weight: 190 g (without fuses and relays)
Order Code: ICS-95890


  • Power supply 12 V or 24 V
  • 12 micro relay bases
  • Footprint for fly wheel diodes (in THT or SMD) and for zero Ohm resistors (in SMD)
  • JPT/MCP compatible, 3 row, 21 way connectors for inputs / outputs on the rear side of the module


  • Based on the REDline product range, this board will give you the ability to switch up to 15 A on each relay
  • Each connection to the relay is available in the JPT connector
  • Solder bridges gives you the possibility to join all the coil’s ground signals
  • The dimensions of the module are twice of size for the REDline additional module