REDline Power Box Hybrid

The REDline Power Box Hybrid integrates circuit board technology and copper bars for high currents.

This enables to separate and protect the main potentials near the battery as well as to directly switch and secure loads in the battery and motor area. Individual configuration variants can be realized with different copper bars and custom printed circuit board.


  • High current fuses and relay box
  • Can be installed above the vehicles battery
  • Safe distribution of power wires to loads in the vehicle
  • Temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C
  • IP protection classes:
    • Board area: IP54
    • Mega / Midi Fuse area: IP20
  • Compact size: 237.5 x 205.5 x 58 mm
  • Multiple outputs: different types of connection are possible
  • Variable adjustable PCB
    • No need for adjustments at the housing
    • Fast Re-design-cycles

Product information