Customer-specific power distributors

Power distributors are the heart of every electrical system. They need to be reliable, efficient and flexible. Traditional solutions for power distribution in vehicles, however, are often characterized by disorderly wiring harnesses that also involve high assembly and maintenance costs.

The circuit board based power distributors by Würth Elektronik ICS convince with their comprehensive technical and economic possibilities and advantages:

Economic advantages

  • Approx. 25% average reduction of wiring harnesses
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to very high reliability of the component group
  • Low assembly times
  • No expensive assembly accessories (e.g. frames) necessary

Installation advantages

  • Easy and quick assembly (little effort and no special knowledge required)
  • Weight and space savings due to reduction of wiring harnesses
  • Wire harness is smaller, lighter and therefore more flexible to handle
  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Easy connection of modular units, e.g. voltage converters, IGBT modules, electronic controls, etc.
  • Supply of completely assembled component groups on demand

Reliability and flexibility

  • Very high vibration resistance
  • High mechanical stability
  • Low contact resistance, therefore less warming of the component group
  • Expandable through integration of additional circuits, substitute relays and fuse bases