HV PDU Solutions

Our HV Power Distribution Units in the range from 60VDC to 950 VDC distribute power between the battery, on-board charger, inverter and other loads such as heaters and DC/DC converters. In doing so, they ensure stable and safe connections.

Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talk - High Voltage PDU

The compact PCB-based solutions in sealed housings allow the integration of important functions. For example, the following functions or components can be implemented:

  • Fuses and protections
  • Precharge functions
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Insulation monitoring
  • HVIL and shielding

Good heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, overcurrent protection and diagnostic options on CAN ensure high efficiency in power transmission.

Compact, space-optimized and easy to install and maintain - our HV PDUs make your life easier.

Example of integration into HV on-board network

At a glance: Your advantages with HV PDUs from Würth Elektronik ICS

  • High stability and durability thanks to press-fit technology
  • Cost effective and significantly reduced assembly time thanks to PCB-based systems
  • Implementation of plug & play solutions possible
  • Safe and reliable system integration - hardly no cables are needed to connect fuses, relays and connectors
  • Optimized thermal management
  • Safety-relevant mechanisms (such as HVIL loop)

Demonstrator HV PDU 600

Our HV PDU 600 demonstrator with typical functions, high-voltage components and housing shows you the possibilities we can realize in a customized solution.


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