Lumberg signs license agreement for the Würth Elektronik ICS SKEDD technology

Lumberg, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of RAST connectors, combines its competence in the area of insulation displacement technology (IDT) with the innovative direct plug connection technology SKEDD.

The SKEDD technology makes it possible to directly connect compo¬nents with the PCB without soldering or pressing. The connectors can be plugged directly into place and removed again by hand. Furthermore, the elimination of an entire connection level means a saving of space, which can be used for other purposes.

While Lumberg already uses the edges of a PCB for making solder-free contacts using edge connectors, SKEDD now provides the option of flexibility in making contacts even on the surface of the PCB. Lumberg sees this as an ideal opportu¬nity to complement its ranges of connector solutions for its customers in the auto¬motive sector, household appliances, and building-services engineering. After Phoenix Contact, Lumberg is now the second strong partner for the worldwide marketing of the innovative SKEDD technology.


The Lumberg Group, headquartered in Schalksmühle, Germany, ranks among the leading providers of connector and interconnect systems. Family-run in the third generation, the company has a global workforce of around 1,000. In 2014, the Group’s turnover totaled some Euro 115m. Over 20,000 catalogue and customized products are proof of the company’s efficiency.

Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG

The Würth Elektronik Group of companies, with headquarters in Niedernhall, Germany, has more than 7,400 employees worldwide and generated global sales of €527 million in 2014. Würth Elektronik ICS (Intelligent Connecting Systems) is a specialist in PCB-based system solutions utilizing solid press-fit technology. The innovative SKEDD direct plug-in technology represents the latest advancement in this area.