Phoenix Contact is a new licensee of SKEDD technology from Würth Elektronik ICS

As the worldwide market leader in PCB connection technology, Phoenix Contact has opted for the new SKEDD direct plug-in technology from Würth Elektronik ICS.

The SKEDD technology provides a new way of contacting using connection technology on the PCB. It enables a solderless direct plug-in connection, meaning that soldering in or press fitting can be avoided. Instead, the terminals are simply inserted and released by hand. Furthermore, additional space is gained through the removal of a connection level, supporting the trend for device miniaturization.

Phoenix Contact has decided to integrate this direct plug-in technology into the Combicon range of PCB terminals and plug-in connectors. To this end, the two companies have signed a license agreement. Thanks to this partnership, Würth Elektronik ICS and Phoenix Contact are strengthening the further development and distribution of SKEDD technology on global markets.

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems, and solutions that cater to the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. The family-owned company currently employs 14,000 people worldwide and generated sales of approximately €1.77 billion in 2014.

Würth Elektronik ICS

The Würth Elektronik group of companies, with headquarters in Niedernhall, Germany, has more than 7,400 employees worldwide and generated global sales of €527 million in 2014. Würth Elektronik ICS (Intelligent Connecting Systems) is a specialist in PCB-based system solutions utilizing solid press-fit technology. The innovative SKEDD direct plug-in technology represents the latest advancement in this area.