Simple, reversible and space-saving

Getriebebau NORD uses SKEDD technology by Würth Elektronik ICS

For two variants of the NORDAC LINK field distributor series, a driveline for decentralized installations, Getriebebau NORD was looking for a solution to contect the PCB from the rear side. Single-wire contacting was out of the question for NORD due to the excessive effort involved in redesigning the product. With the help of the SKEDD direct plug-in technology from Würth Elektronik ICS, the original idea of rear contact could be realized.

Advantages of the SKEDD connecting solutions:

  • Elimination of the laborious soldering process and the extra socket base
  • SKW connector system as a flexible solution for reversible connection from either side via a plug connection
  • Increased the level of freedom for product designers
  • Straightforward and reliable alternative to soldering and press-fit technology

NORDAC LINK SK 155E-FDS motor starter, opened NORDAC LINK SK 155E-FDS motor starter with SKW connectors (two-pin, four-pin), SKEDD K98104-AG contacts