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Environmental and energy management

For Würth Elektronik eiSos, sustainability means securing the long-term success of the company and at the same time protecting the natural foundations of life. Keeping this balance is a continuous development and improvement process that we are happy to face.

Sustainability at Würth Elektronik eiSos follows the values: responsible, progressive and ecologically compatible.

Hand with floating globe clarifies global responsibility

Responsible: Showing global engagement

As a global acting company, we attach great importance to the great responsibility we bear. Responsibility towards our customers, of course, but also towards nature, people and our future. For this reason, environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability are very important to us, which is why we are constantly working on ourselves, investing in the latest technologies in order to make the best possible use of our necessary resources.

We also see ethical responsibility as a large part of our global responsibility, which is why we welcome the restrictions in the area of conflict minerals and take them into account when developing our products and constantly monitor global changes. Of course, we have the highest and most sustainable quality standards possible for our products and customers - these are what drive us.

Cross-section of an electrical component shows advanced methods

Innovation for lower consumption of resources and raw materials

We are characterized by constant investment in the latest technologies that help to conserve resources and improve our energy efficiency. Ecological issues thus become the driving force behind innovations and form the basis of our economic success. For us, sustainability begins with the product design: Optimal use of resources throughout the entire development and production process begins with the selection of the right materials, reduced use of materials and reduced emissions in the manufacturing and use phase.

Through detailed planning, we enable ever better material usage and an increasing degree of recycling. In this way, we want to make it possible to save scarce natural resources and ensure sustainable reuse. Energy savings can also be achieved through more efficient plants and the increased use of regenerative energy, which is already part of everyday life at many locations worldwide.

Printed circuit board with symbol for plants symbolizes ecological compatibility

Ecologically compatible: continuous improvement of environmental influences

We are aware that we are helping to shape the future of future generations. In order to identify optimization potential, we constantly measure the emissions of our production sites and define environmental and energy targets in order to further reduce emission values. Material and energy flows are also continuously recorded and evaluated.

Of course, we also adhere strictly to the applicable environmental laws, which we constantly monitor and implement measures to improve compliance at our sites. We also treat the issues of material compliance in accordance with RoHS, REACh and Halogen Free as well as conflict minerals with great care. We answer important questions about the RoHS directive here in our FAQs. Only by minimizing our impact on the environment can we ensure clean air and high living standards in the future.

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