Did your application ever run out of energy? Super Capacitors, an overview about the technology and how you get the best out of it

Super Capacitors, also known as EDLC for Electric Double Layer Capacitor, are energy storage devices that are easy to use and, in many ways, comparable to batteries. However, they offer considerable advantages in terms of charging and discharging on the subject of speed. They can charge and discharge much faster, and can power many different electrical applications where energy is need to move quickly. Like any other energy storage system, EDLCs require a specific infrastructure to store and provide energy. This webinar will discuss the differences to classic capacitors and batteries, explain the technology, and show examples of how to use the Super Capacitors in different application.

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Also take a look at our application manual, the "Abc of Capacitors".

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Würth Elektronik Webinar: about the technology of super capacitors & how you get the best out of it