Compendium on capacitor types and what makes each type specific

In this compendium, individual capacitor types are presented and practical tips for the correct use of capacitor types are given. Special attention will be devoted to the topics of X / Y capacitors, influencing factors for MLCC and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Overview of different capacitor types and their special properties:

  • Overview of film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum polymer capacitor & MLCC‘S
  • Comparison of their possible parameter plus their pros and cons

Specific characteristics of capacitor types:

  • Electrical properties (e.g. ESR & ESL, allowed ripple stress)
  • Dependencies and aging behavior
  • Life calculation of aluminum electrolytic capacitors & aluminum polymer capacitors
  • MLCC – influence of capacitance due to dc bias and geometry

Design guide for capacitors:

  • Design recommendations for applications
  • What need to be taken into account for specific types?
  • How to assure robustness and long term stability?

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