Extremely High Speed Data Line Chokes

With the increase in switching speeds in digital circuits like USB 3.1/3.2, the common-mode noise is being generated at higher and higher frequencies. This noise can interfere with 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth antennas resulting in “Antenna de-sense” and communication failure. In this webinar we present and explain an innovative common mode choke based in the transmission lines principle as a best solution to filter that high frequency noise issue. At the same time we explain the main differences of this new technology with the current one in our portfolio, the ferrite core-based common mode chokes. This new technology will be a game changer for your designs!

The webinar will include below topics:

• Introduction to modern day noise coming from new interfaces

• Noise filtering mechanisms

• Conventional common mode choke technology

• New & evolutionary ceramic common mode choke concept

• Comparison & conclusion

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