Sustainable food production with Horticulture LEDs

You want to know more about sustainable food production with Horticulture LEDs?

Our Business Development Manager, Johann Waldherr, will introduce you to the newest products from our portfolio of Horticulture LEDs and gives you insights into this highly topical subject. In addition, he will show you the most important features of the Horticulture LEDs in this webinar and answer your most important questions.


What are Horticulture LEDs and why do they support a sustainable food production? What do you have to consider from the electrical and biological view?

What does Würth Elektronik offer in the field of Horticulture Lighting? What advantages do you have when buying Horticulture LEDs from Würth Elektronik? Which additional service can be expected of Würth Elektronik in this field? How will Würth Elektronik support this technology? And how will we support you with your single application?


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The Lighting Development Kit

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Würth Elektronik Webinar: Sustainable food production with Horticulture LEDs