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21 - 24 February 2022 - join us!

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Partner presentations at the digital days

We are pleased to be able to expand our range of topics this time. The following presentations from our partners will be presented at the digital days:

Monday, 21st of February 2022

9 AM: GaN/SiC Challenges for Passive EMC and Power Components

Speaker: Andreas Nadler | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

Especially in power ranges above 1kW, WBG semiconductors are becoming more and more popular due to their efficiency. However, the developer also faces new challenges. This webinar will help the developer to understand what is important when selecting passive components for auxiliary power supplies for e.g. SiC-FET. In addition, the most important EMC stumbling blocks in this area will be explained.

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10 AM: Better Safe than Sorry; Practical EMC Design Considerations

Speaker: Mohamed Al-Alami | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

It is usually the case that EMC is not considered at the early stages of the design. This session looks into the implementation of good design practice to optimize signal integrity. This includes:
(1) A practical review of filter design and component selection (including parasitics) using LT Spice simulation and REDEXPERT.
(2) Identifying and simulating, using LT Spice, EMI issues as well as solutions. This is based on a Type 2 PoE PD design with a layout and tracking problem.
(3) Investigating different interfaces and presenting relevant filtering, OVP and recommended layout and tracking.

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11 AM: Essentials for the Design of an GB Ethernet Front End

Speaker: Dr. Heinz Zenkner | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The webinar describes what is necessary for the development of a GB Ethernet interface, between Phy and Ethernet connector. It goes into detail about the circuit technology, the components and the layout. Points such as matching of the symmetrical signal paths, protection against transient overvoltage, selection of suitable components, design of the ground system, placement of the components on the PCB and layout design are shown, using a practical example. Finally, the topic of EMC is also taken into account.

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1 PM: Secondary-side Compensation for Isolated Power Supplies

Speaker: Carlo Lombardi, Microchip Technology | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

In most of the grid connected applications the auxiliary power supply is normally implemented using the flyback topology. To get the required stabilized voltage(s) a voltage compensator is needed, and in the most of the cases it is implemented on the primary side of the flyback converter. In this webinar a solution based on a primary-side start-up IC (MCP1012) in conjunction with a secondary-side controller is presented highlighting the advanced control techniques that may be implemented using a secondary side controller. Finally a real application for led lighting will be presented.

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2 PM: Connector Temperature Rise and Derating

Speaker: Stephan Bächle | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

In this presentation we show how a connector is designed regarding current to avoid consequences of too high temperatures.

In the second part we take care how the heat gets dissipated over Cable and PCB...including some Hints.

We explain also how to create a valid Derating Curve and present some bad examples where Derating was not respected.

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3 PM: REDCUBE: Everything You Need to Know to Handle High Currents on Your PCB-Connection

Speaker: Philipp Schmitt | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

More and more applications have to deal with high currents on low space.
Up to 60 A can be handled by standard connectors but what about currents up to 300 A? How can we realize a significant low resistance to avoid warming on our application? Our REDCUBE is there a reliable and powerful solution!

In this webinar we show you:

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4 PM: Introduction to Circular Connectors Range at WE

Speaker: Caroline Poulard | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

Introducing the basics of circular connectors, you will learn about the purpose of these connectors, their range of applications, the important features and their specificity to work in harsh environment with a focus on IP rating. You will discover also the range of circular connectors at Würth Elektronik that we will be launching this year (M12 Coding A).

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Tuesday, 22nd of February 2022

9 AM: Making your Signal Transmission with WE URMF Product Range - Quick and Small in your Design

Speaker: Jason Chang | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

UMRF named by Würth Elektronik is UltraMiniature RF coaxial connector designed with PCB receptacle together with crimping right-angled plug for smaller diameter of coaxial cables from 0.81 to 1.37 mm. In this webinar we will explain the details of connector designation, key specification, application, tools and customize cable assembly of this connector series.

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10 AM: Inrush Current for Connectors

Speaker: Alexandre Chaillet | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

All connectors are given for a working current. This is the maximum current that can be used for this connector at any time for any duration. This current brings temperature rise through Joule effect. For specific applications (motor starters, capacitance discharge…), it is requested to use higher current than usually accepted by the connector but only for a short time. We propose a solution to answer to this problematic: what value for the current, its duration and how many times it is possible. And thus keeping reasonable temperature rise and full quality and life time of our products. Most of our competitors does not offer this solution.

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11 AM: USB-C "From Layout to Production"

Speaker: Fabian Altenbrunn | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

USB-C now offers different connector variants from USB 2.0 in a Type-C casing to Type-C for 10 GBit data rates. The housing variants have also become more diverse. From the horizontal hybrid type over vertical variants to the mid-mount type, which is placed in a PCB cutout. All these types have their special characteristics, which in many cases have to be considered already in the layout, so that a problem-free production is possible afterwards. Therefore, we would like to highlight these points and show possibilities how to deal with these issues. Also the printed circuit board itself and its production cannot be left out, since it brings certain restrictions with itself, which should be considered, in order to obtain an optimal result. Once all this has been done, it is then a matter of controlling the manufacturing process in its various steps from stencil printing to the soldering oven and optimizing the parameters so that the filigree type-C connectors can also be processed in a way suitable for series production.

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1 PM: How Can Advanced Technologies Push a Sustainable Future of Production?

Speaker: Christoph Völcker | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The talk will give insights on how 3Dprinting is used at Würth Elektronik. Advanced Technologies open up opportunities for the electronics industry to shape a sustainable future. But what needs to be considered in order to implement them wisely in established industries? Christoph Völcker, who has been working in the additive industry for more than 20 years, talks about his experience with this transfer and the operational strategy of the Innovation Lab AM @WE, which focuses on enabling the implementation of Advanced Technologies through an economically sensible and ecological use in production.

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2 PM: Single Pair Ethernet with Signal Transformers

Speaker: Martin Leihenseder & Simon Mark | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The webinar shows what is needed to build up a Single Pair Ethernet filter design on a PCB. We start with the requirements for the IEEE802.3 norm and go step by step explain all elements and its functions for 10BASE-T1L, 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1. Based on the 10BASE-T1L design we go over to include further elements to build up Power over Data Line. At the end we will give tips for the PCB layout with includes PHY chip and show measurements from the EMC laboratory.

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3 PM: High Frequency Common Mode Noise and Solutions

Speaker: Muhammad Ali Khalid | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The USB 3 data handling capability has increased manifolds over the past few years and we can see the same trend with other digital switching circuits like HDMI and Thunderbolt etc. The increased functionality comes with a hidden cost i.e. common mode noise. This noise can interfere with 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth antennas resulting in “Antenna de-sense” and communication failure.
In this webinar we present and explain how the high frequency common mode noise is generated and what are the different solutions that can be used as counter measures. An innovative common mode choke design, based on transmission lines model is also presented which can be a game changer for your designs.

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4 PM: WHY? WHAT? HOW? A Beginners Guide to Crystals and Oscillators

Speaker: Chris Pavey & Malcolm Lennox | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

25 minute presentation going through a list of frequently asked questions from the point of view of someone new to frequency products. Malcolm has worked for IQD for 6 months so will ask the questions that were relevant to his introduction into the industry. Chris application engineer with IQD will answer these . Designed to give the audience confident responses to typical customer questions on the most common issues for crystals and oscillators. Chris and Malcolm will be available on the day for a 5 minute question and answer session after the recorded section.

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Wednesday, 23rd of February 2022

9 AM: Transformer Design for EMC – Practical Construction Techniques

Speaker: Tomas O'Brien | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

This presentation will look at the transformers impact on conducted and radiated EMI in an application. We will delve into what practical construction techniques we can employ to mitigate these potential emissions.

In this webinar we show you:

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10 AM: Design Consideration for Flyback Transformer

Speaker: Khaled Elshafey | Duration: 45 min incl. Q&A

In this webinar we are going to discuss deeply the requirements for Flyback transformer or couple inductor, how the topology works, different mode of operation (CCM, DCM and CRM), impact on the transformer size and finally how to optimize transformer performance for your application.

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11 AM: Wireless Power Transfer – Useable in Robots?

Speaker: Jörg Hantschel | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

Autonomous vehicles and robots (AMR, AGV, LEV, ...) are an upcoming technology which will change processes and the way of working in factories, logistic centers, agriculture, medical and other areas dramatically.

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1 PM: Meeting Challenging Efficiency Standards with Bridgeless Totem Pole Power Factor Correction

Speaker: Alessandro Maggioni, onsemi | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The input bridge rectifier found in almost all AC-DC power supplies generates losses that present a challenge in achieving the highest possible efficiency. However, removing the diode bridge, PFC FET and boost diode in favor of a totem pole PFC solution enhances efficiency using active switches. The control of such circuits is complex. Often, a microcontroller is needed and associated code which presents a barrier to adoption for design teams where time is limited. Onsemi NCP1680 mixed signal PFC controller is discussed in the article as it provides a code-less solution for totem-pole PFC.

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2 PM: Filter Components – Mode of Operation and Selection Criteria

Speaker: Mario Möller | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

There is a huge variety of filter components, both for common mode and differential mode disturbances. The variation regarding their internal structure and electrical characteristics is often unclear, leading to easily avoidable reworks of the filter design. In this Session, we will explain the basic construction and mode of operation for ferrite based filter components. Following a live measurement to compare different inner structures, you will learn about the criteria to select the proper components for your application.

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3 PM: MagI³C MicroModules with Adaptive Switching – All-in-one Solution for the Industrial Sector

Speaker: Timur Uludag | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

Warehouses with multi-faceted conveyor systems provides a prime example of an industrial environment where there are numerous electronic applications and rail voltages. Sensors, actuators and control units are just some examples of the countless applications that are implemented in industrial warehouses. Each of these applications has its own requirements in terms of supply voltage, current and installation volume. All the applications have one thing in common: they have to be realized in a confined space. Tight space, by definition, requires tiny DC/DC converters which have excellent efficiency and thermal performance. This webinar explores the electrical, thermal and EMI needs of these applications and shows solutions to find the best DC/DC converters to overcome these obstacles.

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4 PM: Flat Wire Inductors for Electrical Cars

Speaker: Pablo Castillo & Carlos Farnos | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

In the world of electric or hybrid cars, we are betting on keeping high electrical performances and therefore helping a low consumption or longer battery life. The automotive division wants to present an extensive portfolio of products that have the quality of reducing DC and AC power loss since they are composed of flat wire. They are products that allow a more efficient transmission of energy and with very compact sizes. Finally, we will also discuss those applications and designs in which they can have cavity, and how to improve the application and its performance by using our products.

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Thursday, 24th of February 2022

9 AM: EMI Debugging of a Low Power Buck Converter

Speaker: Frank Puhane | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

The CE mark is an important seal of quality for electronic components. To obtain this certification, the component must pass the EMC test. EMC testing includes various tests such as conducted and radiated emission and is often a very lengthy process that requires several iterations. To understand the importance of an proper design we show two different layouts and compare the results. Furthermore, we will show the importance of the right components to achieve a stable and efficient design with low emissions.

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10 AM: Machine Data Made Accessible - Thank Bluetooth™ and Mobile Apps!

Speaker: Jens Ruckes & Michael Lang   | Duration: 45 min incl. Q&A

In almost every device, machine data can be collected. But how can you access and process it easy and comfortable, even if the device has no display or is hard to reach? Bluetooth is a common and fast approach to connect to a smart device. Using its high resolution display and getting access also to ceiling mounted or blocked equipment.
Würth Elektronik offers a bunch of software solutions besides the Bluetooth hardware modules. Ready to use iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps and their source codes are available for fast evaluation and can be easily adopted to various applications.

11 AM: Connect from Anywhere - Surprise! Pre-Announcement of a Global Connectivity Product

Speaker: Ravindra Singh & Gopi Patel | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

Get data direct from the field to the cloud without any gateway or router. Built-in positioning, global coverage, low power consumption, secure data transmission and small size makes it compelling product for mass (I)IoT market. Attend this webinar to learn more.

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1 PM: Security in IIoT Applications

Speaker: Adithya Madanahalli & Stefan Messing | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

35 % of businesses in a global survey think security is the major concern for any IloT implementation. Complexity in IIoT stems from the fact that the system has multiple elements interacting (devices, cloud, users…) at different levels (physical, embedded, cloud…). A number of regulatory standards are being introduced to provide a common framework to tackle this issue. The ETSI EN 303 645 provides baseline requirements for such a system. In this webinar, we focus on embedded security and present a basis for a secure IIoT solution based on the Calypso Wi-Fi module.

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2 PM: Sustainable Food Production with Horticulture LEDs

Speaker: Johann Waldherr | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

You want to know more about sustainable food production with Horticulture LEDs?
Our Business Development Manager, Johann Waldherr, will introduce you to the newest products from our portfolio of Horticulture LEDs and gives you insights into this highly topical subject. In addition, he will show you the most important features of the Horticulture LEDs in this webinar and answer your most important questions.What are Horticulture LEDs and why do they support a sustainable food production? What do you have to consider from the electrical and biological view?
What does Würth Elektronik offer in the field of Horticulture Lighting? What advantages do you have when buying Horticulture LEDs from Würth Elektronik? Which additional service can be expected of Würth Elektronik in this field? How will Würth Elektronik support this technology? And how will we support you with your single application?

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3 PM: Disinfection with UV-C LEDs

Speaker: Dominik Köck | Duration: ca. 45 min incl. Q&A

UV-C LEDs are special LEDs that emit Ultraviolet radiation with an energy much higher than that of other UV LEDs or visible LEDs. Because of that, the UV-C radiation from these LEDs is able to induce damage to RNA and DNA, and can be used to inactivate germs, such as the corona virus. The talk will give an overview of UV LEDs and how to disinfect using UV-C LEDs.

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