SOTB™, Battery-Free Environmental Measurement Station: An Innovative Renesas Technology

Today's world is increasingly connected. From opening garage doors remotely by smartphone to starting an oven from a smart speaker command, people, machines and objects are working together in new ways. It is Internet of things (IoT) applications that are making this possible and our daily lives easier.

Wireless connectivity is the technology most used in our devices to exchange information and facilitate actions, but what about transferring power? Wireless power is not feasible past a few inches. Therefore, most of today devices get their power by a cable from a power source. Wire power connection is easy & efficient but has its own specific set of issues, especially when running cables across walls or long distances. So, why not getting rid of an external source of power? And having the devices powering itself!

The Renesas-Würth Elektronik Battery-Free Environmental Measurement Station, allows for just that. It is autonomous in energy thanks to the SOTB™ Process-Based Energy Harvesting Embedded Controllers. A Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) and a solar panel, coupled with an efficient boost converter, provide enough energy to power the ultra-low active and standby current controller, which can reach high-speed operation (64MHz) at low voltage (1.62V).

The environmental demo station allows the user to measure humidity/temperature in the air or soil and to send this information from the transmitter to a receiver board linked to a tablet. A LoRa, BLE or Wi-Fi wireless platform can be used to operate the data transmission of the system.

SOTB™ microcontroller devices, combined with Würth Elektronik components are maintenance-free solutions for wirelessly powering IoT solutions and transferring data, enabling companies to continue to push the boundaries of connectivity.

Monitor the enviroment with the live demo and keep a check on your energy level with some espresso on the house. Würth Elektronik has both at APEC (#1025) so we hope to see you there!