Bring Sunshine to Your Design

From historical droughts around the world to the melt of the arctic ice, global warming is affecting human lifestyle and earth’s ecosystem. In an effort to decelerate this change, companies and individuals are moving to sustainable energy - wind, hydropower, and solar.

Analog Devices, Inc. Power by Linear™, designs solutions capable of being powered by green energy and recently released a new LT8491 High Voltage Buck-Boost Battery Charger Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and I2C. The device operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage, and can be powered by a solar panel or a DC power supply.

With a greener future in mind, Analog Devices and Würth Elektronik partnered to develop an e-bike solar charging station design and demonstration using the LT8491. This e-bike charging station is both autonomous in energy and able to fastly charge an e-bike. The charger receives the energy to power the e-bike via a 170W solar panel and a 50W solar panel. In addition to efficiently charging the bike’s battery with the embedded Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), the LT8491 allows the user to follow the charge progress and the efficiency of the system via the I²C telemetry and interface. This e-bike solution has been designed to charge a 300W, 36V engine e-bike battery in approximately two hours, and could be integrated in a shared bike station to power a fleet of e-bikes for city bike sharing.

Paired with Würth Elektronik components, the LT8491 is capable of charging many sustainable energy applications such as smart solar street lights, an autonomous offshore lighting buoy or even a remote scientist research station in Antarctica.

To learn more about this solar charging solution, stop by the Würth Elektronik booth at APEC, #1025, to meet Würth Elektronik’s partner and designer of this solution, Analog Devices, Inc., and see the charging station for yourself.