Say "Cheese!"

Stop by our booth and take a picture with some of the newest technology, a 3D photobooth! Not sure what that means... you'll have to come and see it for yourself.

eBike - Say what?

We have partnered with Analog Devices Inc. to bring you some of the most cutting edge technology. We will have an energy harvesting demonstration on eBike charging going on all 3 days in our booth. Trust us - you won't want to miss this.

Würth Elektronik has integrated the new LT8491, a high-voltage buck-boost battery charge controller with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and I²C. Sound pretty fancy? It is.

To read more about the partnership with Analog Devices Inc. check out our article under "Feature Pieces".

It's not that hot, it's just humid.

With the help of energy harvesting technology, optimized by Würth Elektronik components, we have partnered with Renesas to bring a battery-less environmental monitor to APEC 2020. This monitoring solution measures the surrounding heat and humidity, and sends the data wirelessly over LoRa, BLE or WiFi. Not quite sure how all that can work together? So, stop by our booth, talk to the experts, ask questions and see the live demo.

Read more information about this demonstration

Headphones on. World off.

Würth Elektronik is collaborating with Texas Instruments at APEC 2020 to present a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for a high-fidelity audio demo application. The demo utilizes two of Texas Instruments' new, 20-bit, R-2R topology precision DACs. This DAC solution is powered using TI’s offline flyback controller UCC28742 and works with a customized flyback transformer to generate the required three isolated output rails.

Read more information about the demonstration under our "Feature Pieces".

Wet your Whistle

You will likely be doing a lot of talking while you are at the show, and Würth Elektronik has you covered. Stop by our booth (1025) and wet your whistle! Monday night we will be serving ice-cold beer that is bound to hit the spot! Grab a pick-me-up on Tuesday and Wednesday as we switch over to something hot and caffeinated! Custom made espresso drinks are always a hot commodity, so stop by and make sure to get yours before the line gets too long!