AnDAPT: AnD7220EB Adaptable PMIC Buck

The AnD7220EB is a ready to use Evaluation Boardsto evaluate the Dual-Buck AnD7220. Simply apply PVIN, then measure default settings of 0.7V on the VOUT terminals. To change VOUT, adjust the resistor divider ratio according to: R2 = Vfb * R1 / ( VOUT-Vfb) kΩ, or use the WebAdapter tool and select your desired VOUT. The tool reports will provide the resistor required location and value. To access the WebAdapter tool, please use the following link. Optionally, the Bucks may be modified as needed by the WebAdapter design tool and downloaded over the USB cable. The .HAX file downloads to the AnD72XXAdaptable PMIC while the .HEX file downloads to the flash memory. Functionality maybe extended using On-Demand WebAmP tools.

For additional information, please check the following link.