Software Downloads

You can download the appropriate software files for all our Wireless Connectivity products.

Here you will find the software files:


PC-Tools, which allow to configure and evaluate WE wireless connectivity modules via PC and USB connection. Please note that the modules Calypso, Proteus-I, Proteus-II and Triton are not configurable with the ACC-Tool.

Software Development Kit

Software development kits, which contain C source code implementing the command interfaces of the WE wireless connectivity modules.

Software Development Kit - Mobile Device

Demo APP and source codes to evaluate the Proteus BLE module family on mobile device.

Firmware Updates

FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) updates provided as compressed file packages. This location contains the most recent version of the firmware. Update procedure is described in the respective product manual.

FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air)

DFU (device firmware update) using the UART interface are provided by the following tools.


Android™ app for evaluation of the Proteus Bluetooth® Low Energy module family.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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