With more than 20 years of experience, Würth Elektronik eiSos offers a radio stack ready to run, build and connect out of the box – called WE-ProWare. This radio stack is an easy-to-use and effective networking protocol. Without a radio stack an RF module is pure hardware. Even when Software Developement Kits (SDKs) are offered, you have to spend months, sometimes years,to get your module running.

It is pre-loaded on all Wireless Connectivity RF modules.

Our module added value is the WE-ProWare radio stack which is fully included. Communication functions are configured with simple AT commands. You can easily swap between radio channels and protocols. All this makes it very easy to enter new markets with your application.

Enter the Market with your Application

  • Take advantage of our pre-qualified and pre-assessed hardware
  • Compact sized and fully tested RF modules
  • Pin-compatibility between high-power (long range) modules for extended range
  • No external components needed
  • Robust and industry proven
  • Altium & Eagle Files available

Reduce Development Time and Costs

If you want to reduce development time and accelerate production ramp up, there is no way around – take advantage of our easy-to-use modules. Thanks to this, you will increase your market success and significantly reduce investment and risk.

Integration of Radio - Technology Global Certification and Approvals for Worldwide Use

One of the last steps before a product with integrated wireless technology can be launched on the market is the certification and/or declaration of conformity. I.e. a product with integrated RF technology can be placed in the EU market with the necessary declaration of conformity. Our modules are certified and approved for international standards like CE/RED, FCC, IC, ARIB and more, as well as for Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and wM-BUS.

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Discover the configuration possibilities of our radio modules based on the example of the Bluetooth module Proteus-II.

WE Smart Commander

Kickstart your Prototyping instantly

The WE Smart Commander is an easy-to-use PC software that enables complete control of the Würth Elektronik eiSos wireless modules through an intuitive GUI. This tool along with the evaluation boards allow quick prototyping and testing of various features of the radio modules.

  • Simple setup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Color coded Packet interpretation
  • 100% log traceability

Wireless SDK and Sensor SDK

The missing piece to complete your puzzle

The WE Wireless Connectivity SDK (Software Developement Kit) and Sensor SDK enable quick software integration of Würth Elektronik eiSos wireless modules and sensor into any host processors by offering a set of drivers and sample applications.

Integration of radio technology

One of the last steps before a product with integrated wireless technology can be launched on the market is the certification. Manufacturers of products with integrated rf-technology may only market these with the necessary certification. The following graphics display the three options which are available for integrating wireless technology.

The following steps must be observed:

Different Certification Systems

A product that is to be launched globally must meet the certification criteria of each country. There is no worldwide certification applicable to all countries. The following presents the various certification systems.

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You can now find everything about radio and sensor technology in our Product Guide.