RoHS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about RoHS and Lead Free

Are all products in the catalogue available RoHS conform?

Yes, because of the conversion of the production lines 01.10.2004, all products in the catalogue are available RoHS conform.

What is the difference between lead free and RoHS conformance?

The terms “lead free” and “RoHS conform” are often used at the same time and with regards to the material composition used synonymic. Fact is that the term “lead free” means the abandonment of the component „Lead“.

Do all products of Wurth Elektronik apply to the RoHS guideline?

Yes, all passive components do apply to the guideline

Are all products which are marked RoHS conform or lead free usable in lead free processes?

All products from Wurth Elektronik which are marked RoHS conform or lead free are processable for the equivalent temperatures.

Will all lead free / RoHS conform components be marked especially?

Because of the very small size of the components, it is not possible to mark the single component. Therefore, all packaging units will be marked especially.

Will the part number be changed because of the conversion to lead free and RoHS conformance?

The part numbers will not be changed as the lead contained components will not be available any more after the conversion to lead free products.

Is it possible to use lead free components in a lead contained soldering process?

Yes, all RoHS conform and lead free products are downwardly compatible and therefore can be used in the lead contained process.

Are there differences of the electrical specifications after the conversion?

In general not, because the components have to be checked before the final conversion to RoHS Conformance. Therefore, a modification of the characteristics is excluded.

Are there products which cannot be converted to RoHS conformance?

No, all products are RoHS conform after conversion.

Which materials are used for the lead free soldering pads of Wurth Elektronik components?

Because of the large product range of Wurth Elektronik, we cannot provide a general information. Please contact our Sales Team for product specifications.

Do RoHS conform products require a higher soldering temperature?

RoHS conform products are processable in the lead contained and lead free process. Nevertheless, the process parameters are higher in the lead free than in the lead contained process. The parameters do comply to J-STD-020D.

Will there be a restriction to the storage time after the convertion?

There will be no difference.

Does RoHS conform automatically that the components are processable RoHS conform?

A general lead free processability is not guaranteed because of the RoHS conformance. Nevertheless, Wurth Elektronik can guarantee the processability in the lead free soldering process.

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Whom can I contact for further questions regarding lead free, RoHS and WEEE?

You have further questions about lead free, RoHS and WEEE? No problem. Please click here to contact our e-Mail Hotline .

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