Horticulture LED Lighting

New horticultural products from the high power ceramic series. Specially chosen wavelengths (450 nm, 660 nm and 730 nm) increase photosynthesis, optimizing plant development and growth. With outstanding PPF-value, small size and lowpower consumption, the WL-SMDC is the future choice for horticultural lighting. Available from stock. Samples free of charge.

Application Notes


  • High efficacy
  • Individually adjustable color spectrum for each plant
  • Full color spectrum available incl. white, UV and IR-LEDs
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • One footprint for all colors

What Plants Need

Emission Spectrum of WL-SMDC Horticulture LEDs

Photosynthetic Pigments and Light Receptors

*PAR: Photosynthetically Active Radiation

Spectral range 400 to 700 mm for photosynthesis

Perfect Quality - very high efficancy

up to 3.0 µmol/J (Deep Blue), 3.6 µmol/J

(Hyper Red) , 4.0 µmol/J (Far Red)

*PPF: Photosynthetic Photon Flux

Rate of flow of photons within PAR

Our LEDs have been developed for customized light solutions for each grower.

Innovative Structure

Zener diode for ESD protection

Vertical chip for perfect thermal stability and current control

Ceramic substrate for low thermal resistance

Nonabsorbent material - MDSL level 2

Gold contacts - low corrosion, perfect solderability

Small footprint - High emission power


  • Vertical Farming
  • Supplemental Lightning in Greenhouse
  • Indoor Farming
  • Multilayer Cultivation
  • Grow Lamps
  • Stadium Lawn Maintenance

Product Overview High Power Horticulture LEDs

Horticulture WL-SMDC

Order Code Color λp (nm) Фe,typ, (mW)
150353DS74500 Deep Blue 450 600
150353HS74500 Hyper Red 660 400
150353FS74500 Far Red 730 330

... and for perfect cultivation also use

Visible WL-SMDC

Order Code Color λp (nm) Фe,typ, (mW)
150353RS74500 Red 635 55
150353YS74500 Yellow 593 50
150353BS74500 Blue 460 25
150353GS74500 Green 520 85

Ultraviolet WL-SUMW

Order Code Color λp (nm) Фe,typ, (mW)
15335338AA350 Ultraviolet 385 750
15335339AA350 Ultraviolet 395 900
15335340AA350 Ultraviolet 405 900
15335337AA350 Ultraviolet 370 1000

Infrared WL-SIMW

Order Code Color λp (nm) Фe,typ, (mW)AA
15435385A9050 Infrared 850 650
15435385AA350 Infrared 850 700
15435394A9050 Infrared 940 550
15435394AA350 Infrared 940 650


Order Code Color CCT (K) Фe,typ, (mW)
158353040 Moonlight 4000 110
158353050 Daylight 5000 121
158353060 Cool White 6000 121

Product Overview Mid Power Horticulture LEDs

Horticulture WL-SMTW

Order Code Color λp (nm) Фe,typ, (mW)
150283DS73103 Deep Blue 450 250
150283HS73103 Hyper Red 660 120
150283FS73103 Far Red 730 80


Order Code Color CRI typ.
158303260A Cool White 85
158303250A Daylight 85
158303240A Moonlight 85
158303227A Sunrise 85
158303230A Warm White 85

Application Support

Horticulture Spectrum Design

One footprint many opportunities

  • Available in Horticulture wavelengths, CCT from 2700K to 6000K and RGBY
  • Make you own light recipe with all available colors

REDEXPERT dedicated module

  • Test your recipes - see how they look like
  • compute your opto/electrical parameters
  • Test you ideas and estimate the output of your lamp
  • PPF values, Power usage, R/B ratio and much more directly computed

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