USB Type-C

Würth Elektronik offers the complete product range from connectors, components for filtering of EMI noise, ESD surge protection as well as AC/DC to DC/DC power conversion for USB 3.1. The specially designed products are featured in the Würth Elektronik USB Type-CTM EMC Dongle to easily and quickly validate the EMC and Surge compliance of your application. Our products are referenced in the USB Type-CTM reference designs of leading IC manufacturers.

The Portfolio

  • USB licensed and TID listed Type-CTM Connectors WE-COM
  • 60 W and 100 W Vbus filter
  • Pulse stable chip bead ferrites WE-MPSB for hot-pluggin
  • High efficiency molded power inductors WE-MAPIfor Vbus filter
  • High speed, low noise data transmission filter with WE-CNSW HF
  • Low parasitic capacitance WE-TVS

Power Line Filter and Protection

Power Line Noise Attenuation at Full Load

  • Attenuation up to 200 dB
  • Ready to implement
  • Designs for 60 W and 100 W

Implemented π-filter and TVS Diode Topology

  • π-filter with added chip bead surge protection
  • Ensures clean power supply
  • Protects against high frequency noise and current spikes

Products for different Specifications

USB Power
Delivery 2.0
(Profile 5)
100 W
20 V
@ 5 A
USB Power
Delivery 2.0
(Profile 4)
60 W
20 V
@ 3 A

Data Line Filter and Protection

Data Signal Integrity

Eye diagram of the dongle with activated USB equalizer (@ 10 GBit/s)

Data Line Filter

WE-CNSW for SuperSpeed and WE-CNSW HF SuperSpeed+

  • Current compensated data line filter
  • High common mode noise suppression at high frequencies
  • Small influence on high speed signals through winding symmetry

WE-TVS for SuperSpeed and SuperSpeed+

  • Fast turn-on
  • Low clamping voltage
  • High ESD withstand voltage
  • Uni- or bi-directional protection
  • Small package

Dongle and Connectors

USB Type-CTM Dongle

Würth Elektronik offers a USB Type-CTM EMC dongle for immediate verification in your application

Order the USB Type-CTM EMC dongle here.

USB Type-CTM Connectors



  • Plug & Play power supply up to 100 W
  • Complete solution consisting of the following boards´.
    • 40 W source
    • 100 W source
    • Up to 100 W load
  • 5 A cable and power supply included
  • Up to 20 V power profiles already pre-set
  • Order Code: 744730

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App Note Effective USB 3.1 filtering and protection: ANP007

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USB Type-CTM is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum.