SMT Spacer

SMT Spacers from Würth Elektronik significantly optimize the assembly process of electromechanical units. Mounting conventional spacers takes a lot of time, SMT Spacers are tailor-made for full automation. Available on reel, they can be positioned very precisely on the PCB. Different designs cover a wide range of applications for fast, strong and safe soldering connections.

SMT Spacer from Würth Elektronik eiSos

Product Overview

External Thread WA-SMSE

Internal Thread WA-SMSI

Through-hole WA-SMST

Reverse Type WA-SMSR

Fixed with Snap Rivet WA-SMSSR

Right Angled WP-SMRA

Distance Cap WA-SCAP

Mounting Button WA-EXRV

Type Thread/Through Hole (mm) Lengths (mm)
Internal Thread M4
1 - 10
1 - 15
1 - 10
1 - 8
1 - 6
Through Hole Ø4.5 mm
Ø3.6 mm
Ø2.7 mm
Ø2.25 mm
1 - 10
1 - 15
1 - 10
1 - 8
External Thread M3 1 - 10
Reverse Type M3
Ø3.2 mm
2.6 - 11.6
2.6 - 11.6
Fixed with Snap Rivet Ø2.15 mm 2 - 10
Right Angled M3
Ø3.3 mm
Mounting Button for M3 Thread  

Distance cap for intermediate
0.5 mm heights
For Spacer with 6 mm
outer diameter, starting
at 2.5 mm height
Pan Head Plastic Screw M3  

Product Benefits

  • Fast and precise process
  • Instant removable kapton foil
  • Strong holding forces and torques
  • Highest process reliability


Full automation for fast and very precise positioning on the PCB

Tab on the kapton foil for instant removal

High holding forces and torques for safe and strong mechanical connection

Optimal solder pad geometry and specially developed plating for consistent, Reliable, Soldering

Robust screw connections for high mechanical load

Screwless connections for fast mounting

Types & Applications

SMT Spacer with internal thread for attachment above the PCB or for assembling to housings

SMT Spacer with external thread for attachment above the PCB by using a nut

SMT Reverse Spacer for top layer soldering and bottom side assembly

Right Angled SMT Spacer for 90° assembling of PCBs to housing and cases

SMT Spacer with Snap Rivet or Mounting Button for quick and
easy mounting of PCBs without tools

Distance cap for thermal and electrical insulation and to realize intermediate heights

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