REDCUBE Terminals - 4power!

REDCUBE Terminals are the most reliable high-power contact on PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating. Four different designs cover all leading processing technologies and offer a wide range of applications.

The four designs at a glance

REDCUBE Terminals - Innovative High Power Contacts


The current rating of REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is impressive. With the same ampacity, REDCUBE PRESS-FIT has the lowest heat development compared to other parts that supply power for PCBs.


  • High current Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board
  • Mounting of copper bars
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB and housing
  • Mounting of IGBT modules

Remarkable Performance

With the lowest Failure-In-Time value, REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is the most reliable technology on PCB. The FIT value is up to 30 times better than that of a SMD solder joint. REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is suitable for two-side mounting and allows very compact design of modules.


  • Simple & quick processing
  • No cold solder joints
  • High process safety
  • Low self heating
  • Two-sided mounting of PCBs


Pressing the pins into the PCB, a high friction between pin and plated through-hole generates a homogeneous cold-welding between materials. This results in a gastight, strong mechanical connection with contact resistance less than 200μOhm. No other technology transfers power up to 500A at this low heat development.


  • Homogeneous material transition between pin and through-hole plating
  • Contact resistance less than 200 μΩ
  • Gastight electrical and mechanical connection
  • Extremely strong mechanical connection


The new quick and easy pluggable solution REDCUBE PLUG offers all press-fit advantages; it is a multiple times pluggable solution for high-current applications.


  • High current and reversible Wire-to-Board connections
  • Battery charger
  • Multiple times pluggable solutions
  • Mounting in very tight spaces
  • Mounting areas with difficult access

Outstanding Features

REDCUBE PLUG consists of a REDCUBE Terminal, surrounded by a glass fiber-reinforced plastic housing. Pushing on the top of the housing allows mating the corresponding cable connector. After actuating, the spring returns to its initial position and locks the cable connector automatically into the housing.


  • Quick and easy assembling
  • Tool-free and screwless mouonting
  • Multiple times pluggable
  • Press-Fit advantages

Simple Processing

REDCUBE PLUG uses standard tools for the press-fit process. A general hexagonal crimper is used to install the contact on to the wire, this simple l ug like crimp set the bond in place. A special posttreatment technology and specific plating of the cable connector guarantee optimal crimping results.


  • Standard hexagonal crimping tools
  • Gastight and strong crimp connection
  • Special plating for optimal crimping results


REDCUBE SMD and THR are the result of the growing demand in electronic market: high current technology in combination with fully automated, timesaving processing.


  • High current Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board connections
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB or housing

Impressive Characteristics

A large connecting area of REDCUBE SMD achieves a low contact resistance and best holding forces. The small size of REDCUBE SMD allows a high packing density without critical heat development on the PCB.


  • Simple and fast automated assembly
  • High packing density
  • Efficient and timesaving soldering process
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB or housing
  • Tape & Reel

Special Design

REDCUBE THR have a special design for best soldering results. Milling from solid material the torques are significant better compared to stamped contacts. REDCUBE THR have the highest ampacity of fully automatically processed high-current components.


  • Optimal current distribution in multilayer applications
  • Fully automated reflow soldering
  • High mechanical stability
  • Low profile
  • Tape & Reel
  • Low heat development

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