MagI³C Power Modules

MagI³C Power Modules are easy to use DC/DC converters with integrated regulator IC, power inductor and capacitors. Design and layout reviews as well as support with EMI filter design are offered as a service for all customers. Datasheets contain detailed specifications and application information.

New Products

MagI³C MicroModule in 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.6mm LGA-6EP package. 600mA Buck Converter Module for input voltages of 2.7-5.5V with integrated inductor and capacitors.

MagI³C-VDRM Variable Step Down Regulator Module in 9 x 9 x 3 mm in LGA-16EP package. Fully integrated power supply family for input voltages of 4 – 18 V, output current 1/2/3A.

MagI³C-VISM Variable Isolated SIP-8 MagI³C Module for maximum flexibility. The 8 – 42 VIN / 3.3 – 6 VOUT / 1W isolated DC/DC converter module offers an adjustable regulated output, Power Boost, shutdown pin, short circuit protection and over temperature protection. Filter designs for EMI compliance are included.

MagI³C-FISM Fixed Isolated SMT-8 MagI³C Module. The 1W functional isolated DC/DC converter modules support input voltages of 3.3V / 5V / 12V and fixed output voltages of 5V / 12V / 15V. Isolation voltage is 2kV. Filter designs for EMI compliance are included.

MagI³C Power Modules - Magnetic Integrated Intelligent IC


  • Simple design-in process
  • Design and layout support
  • EMI filter design for EN55022 class B compliance
  • Evaluation Boards for all products

The Product Advantages

Fewer External components (reduce overall footprint)

IC and inductor combinded into a single package (smaller PCB size)

Simple design-in process & fast time to market

Low conducted & radiated EMI complaint to EN55022 class B/ CISPR-22

Our Additional Service

Individual Design-In Support

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6 Design-Steps

1. Set the output voltage

2. Set the operating frequency with RON

3. Select the input capacitor

4. Select the output capacitor

5. Select the feed forward capacitor

6. Select the soft-start capacitor

1 optional design step

7. Select under-voltage lockout divider

Layout Review of your PCB Files

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4 Design-Steps

1. Place the input capacitors close to VIN and PGND

2. Place CSS, RFBT and RFBB close to their respective pins and analog ground (AGND)

3. Place the resistor divider (RFBT and RFBB) close to the FB pin and trace at the positive terminal of the last output capacitor (COUT2)

4. Design the thermal vias

EMI Filter Design Support

Tested filter configuration with inductor and capacitor order codes

Conducted Emissions 171 021 501

Radiated Emissions 171 021 501

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