Coaxial Connectors

The SMA connector is designed for a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz at 50 Ω impedance. With its threaded-type coupling mechanism, it is perfect for securing your connection in intensive vibration environments.

Product Benefits

  • Standard interface in accordance with MIL-STD-348
  • Precise CNC machining with up to 0.003 mm tolerance
  • Center contact captivation
  • Resistant to severe conditions for up to 48 hours

Design your own Cable Assemblies

Step 1: Choose Cable Connectors

Step 2: Choose Coaxial Cable Type

Step 3: Decide your Cable Length

Flexible MOQ for whole cable assembling!


One-piece center contact to optimize signal transmission

Captivation designed to strengthen mechanism

Unique assembly design to stabilize thread torque

THR compatible


- Telecommuni-

- Base Stations

- Telecom Box

- Industrial machine-to-machine communication

- Automation

- Data communication

- Wireless LAN

- Wireless WAN

- Measurement & test system

- Network analyzer

Product Overview

WR-SMA: SMA PCB and Panel Connectors

WR-RPSMA: Reverse Polarity SMA PCB Connectors

WR-MMCX: MMCX Connector

WR-MCX: MCX Connector

WR-ADPT: Coaxial Adaptors

WR-CXASY: SMA-to-SMA Pre-Assembled Cable Assemblies