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On this page, we’ll take a look at a typical board level signal chain for Ethernet applications. Then, we’ll go over relevant FAQs for several Ethernet products.

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Ethernet Board Level Signal Chain

Several different parts comprise a board level signal chain for an Ethernet application. Here’s what a typical signal chain for that application might look like:

  • PHY or PHY and MAC
  • WE-CBF Chip Bead Ferrite (742792651)
  • WE-LAN LAN Transformer (7490xxxxxx)
  • WE-CNSW Common Mode Choke (744232222)
  • WE-VE/ WE-VEA ESD Suppressor (823xxx) or WE-TVS Surge Protection (82401646)
  • WR-MJ Modular Jack (61500xxxxxxx) or WR-MJ Modular Jack

Notes on EMC Feedback for Ethernet Applications

Use high-voltage caps on the center taps of the transformer tied to the chassis to allow shunting of the common mode noise to the chassis without causing distortion of the signal.

Keep high-current devices like drivers and ASICs away from I/O ports.

Important Considerations for Ethernet Applications

Depending on what products you’re using for your Ethernet application, you may have some important questions to keep in mind.

Here are some common FAQs for Ethernet parts from Wurth Electronics Midcom.

FAQs for Chip Bead Ferrites ( WE-CBF)

  • What is the current?
  • What is the size?
  • What is the impedance?
  • What is the frequency?

FAQs for LAN Transformers ( WE-LAN)

  • Is it 10/100 or 10/100/1000?
  • Is it in the connector or not (discrete)?
  • How many ports are there?
  • Is it PoE or not?

FAQs for Common Mode Chokes ( WE-CNSW)

  • What is the size?
  • What is the current?
  • What is the impedance?

FAQs for ESD Suppressors ( WE-TVS)

  • Is it bidirectional or unidirectional?
  • What is the speed?
  • What is the size?

FAQs for Surge Protectors ( WE-VE/ WE-VEA)

  • What is the size?
  • What is the DC voltage?
  • What is the clamping V?
  • What is the current?

FAQs for Modular Jacks ( WR-MJ)

  • Are there LEDs?
  • Is the tab up or down?
  • Are there integrated magnetics or not?
  • Are there EMI fingers?

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