Solutions for DC/DC Applications

Searching for the right parts to complement your DC/DC applications?

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First, review the different types of DC/DC parts and our offerings from Wurth Electronics Midcom. Then, check out the DC/DC board level signal chain and relevant FAQs for various DC/DC products.

Remember, if you can’t find the DC/DC part from Wurth Electronics Midcom that you’re looking for, we have custom solutions possible!

Types of DC/DC Components

There are several different types of DC/DC components to consider when making your design:

  • WR-DC DC Power Connector (69410xxx)
  • WE-VS/WE-VD Varistor (825xxxxxx)
  • WCAP-CSGP Capacitor (8850121xxxxx)
  • WE-PD Filter (744770xx) OR WE-SLx Filter (744226)
  • Switching Regulator*
  • WE-HCI High Current Storage Inductor (74430xxx)
  • WE-PMI Storage Over 1MHz Inductor (744797xxx)
  • WE-TPC Lower Current Storage Inductor (744028006)
  • WE-MAPI High Switching Frequencies Inductor (744383xxx)
  • WR-WTB Wire-To-Board Connector (61900411121)
  • MCU Battery Charging*
  • Dual Buck Converter*

* Reference design available

DC/DC Board Level Signal Chain

To get a good understanding of the board level signal chain of a DC/DC application, here’s what a typical signal chain for that application might look like:

* Reference design available

Important Considerations for DC/DC Applications

Depending on what parts you’re using for your DC/DC application, you may have some important questions to keep in mind.

Here are some FAQs for various DC/DC products from Wurth Electronics Midcom.

FAQs for DC Power Jack ( WR-DC)

  • Is the part THT or SMT?
  • Is it right-angle or straight?
  • What is the height?
  • What is the plug pitch (size of hole and pin)?

FAQs for Filter/Storage Inductors ( WE-PD, WE-MAPI)

  • What is the inductance?
  • What is the current?
  • What is the switching frequency?
  • What is the size?

FAQs for DC Common Mode Chokes ( WE-SLx)

  • What is the current?
  • Is it differential or common mode (or both)?
  • What is the impedance?
  • What is the frequency?

FAQs for Varistors ( WE-VS/WE-VD)

  • Is the part THT or SMT?
  • What is the size?
  • What is the voltage rating?
  • What is the peak current?

FAQs for Wire-to-Board Connectors ( WR-WTB)

  • How many pins are there?
  • What is the pitch (mm between pins)?
  • What is the current?

FAQs for Capacitors ( WCAP-CSGP)

  • What is the capacitance?
  • What is the voltage?
  • What is the current?
  • Is the part THT or SMT?

Custom Solutions Possible!

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