Wireless Power 15 W Development Kit - IDT

Extended Power Profile with bi-directional data communication

The 15 W Wireless Power Development Kit is currently being developed in cooperation between Würth Elektronik and IDT and includes a Plug & Play Wireless Power solution. The kit also offers bidirectional data communication between the transmitter and the receiver and is Qi compliant. Reserve one of the first Wireless Power 15 W Development Kits with bidirectional data communication now.

The 15 W Wireless Power Kit can be preordered here.

The Wireless Power Kit with bi-directional data communication provides these added values:

  • Up to 15W of power transfer
  • Supports bi-directional data communication
  • Enables device authentication and system data transfer
  • High-effeciency power transfer
  • Flexibility to program key parameters to meet custom requirements
  • Intuitive IDT I²C Lite GUI
  • WPC 1.2-compliant


  • Smartphones, Tablets
  • Portable devices used in a clean area, where connectors pose a risk of polluting e.g. medical facilities and (industrial) clean rooms
  • Devices with a large number of matling cycles to avoid connector damage
  • Headsets
  • Portable media players

For more information please contact wirelesspower@we-online.com.

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