Power your device with USB Type-C

This kit provides a complete solution for the users to understand, extend and emulate the whole range of possibilities through the USB Type-C. It supports power delivery from SOURCE to SINK for up to 100W and can work seamlessly with existing USB hosts. The USB Type-C connector enhances ease of use for connecting USB devices with a focus on minimizing user confusion for cable and plug orientation. The USB Type-C PD kit has been developed in joint collaboration between STMicroelectronics & Würth Elektronik.

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The USB Type-C Kit added values:

  • Power supply up to 100 watts
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Complete solution consisting of the following boards:
  • 5A cable and power supply included
  • On board DC/DC converters (Source) and dead battery support (Sink)
  • 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V power profiles already pre-set
  • No firmware development required
  • Flexible and modular approach for fast integration in your product design
  • Country-specific adapters: UK, Europe, Asia

This kit stands for great flexibility through the USB Type-C. It is for those who want to have more organization and still have full power at sockets. The USB Type-C combines different types and transmits power up to 100 watts.


  • Industrial (e.g. Wall Plugs, Printers, Home Appliances)
  • Consumer Electronics (e.g. Power Hubs, Proprietary AC-DC Adapters)
  • Battery powered devices (e.g. Smart Speakers, Power Tools, Shavers)