Analog Devices Multi-Source Energy Harvester


  • 4 harvesters for different source types
  • On-board solar cell and thermo electric generator
  • Connectors for optional external generators

Quick Start

  • Decide for your energy harvesting source
  • Set the appropriate jumper JP1 to JP4 to feed the harvested source to the power connector.
  • Optionally set jumper JP9 to ON for an extended buffer capacitance for all harvesters or set jumper JP10 to ON for an extended buffer capacitance for the TEG harvester
  • Connect your application to the power connector

Detailed Information

  • Manual – Using the Multi-Source Energy Harvesting Demoboard and functional description
  • Design Files – Full set of development data including Gerber data and bill of material
  • Datasheets – please go to the appropriate product page and download the datasheet from the right side menu
  • Product Pages – Featured devices on the demoboard see list below
  • More Energy Harvesting – Companion products and background information from Analog Devices

General Information

Solar Cell

LTC3105 - 400mA boost converter, MPP control, 250mV start-up

LTC3459 + LTC2935 – Micropower monolithic booster

Peltier Element – TEG

LTC3108 - Ultralow voltage boost converter and system manager

LTC3109 - Auto-polarity version of LTC3108

Piezo Element

LTC3588 - Piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply

Inductive Generator

LTC3588 - Inductive energy harvesting power supply


Only one source selector MUST be set at a time. Only one buffer cap selector MUST be set to ON at a time