Silicon Labs' EFM32 Giant Gecko Starter Kit (EFM32GG-STK3700)

The EFM32GG-STK3700 provides

  • Evaluation of the world’s most energy friendly microcontroller EFM32 Gecko Family
  • On board: EFM32GG990F1024 with ARM Cortex M3, 48MHz, 1024KB Flash, 128KB RAM, LCD Controller, USB, Low Energy Sense, Backup Power Domain, etc.
  • 200µA/MHz in active mode and Deep Sleep Mode with 1.1µA with various functions running in this mode on 1µA level
  • Debugging with a SEGGER J-Link debugger
  • Energy Debugging with an integrated Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) with Voltage Monitoring

Please follow these steps to start your evaluation

  • Download Simplicity Studio
  • Install Simplicity Studio – it contains all the tools, drivers, software examples and documentation needed, like
  • energyAware Commander - a tool for updating the kit's firmware, programming the MCU on STK or on your prototype
  • energyAware Profiler – energy debugging and supply voltage monitoring tool
  • Software Examples at “Examples” in Simplicity Studio
  • More information about the Giant Gecko STK at “Kit Documentation”and “EFM32GG-STK3700 User Manual” in Simplicity Studio
  • More information about the EFM32 Microcontroller Family
  • Install the ARM Cortex M3 development tools of your choice
  • List of professional tool partners

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